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Ah, yes, those “pesky” taxes. Certain jurisdictions require NTC-TV to charge a sales tax, a value-added tax, or similar tax for subscribers who are located within their taxing jurisdiction. NTC-TV adds the applicable tax, if any, to the subscription plan price, but ONLY if you’re located in a taxing jurisdiction. For tax purposes, subscriber location is determined based on the billing address that you provide when you subscribe. If you’re located in a jurisdiction that doesn’t charge tax, your total charge is only the subscription plan price. NTC-TV will notify you via email when and if any applicable tax will be added to your next monthly or annual bill. If you’re a non-U.S. subscriber, the amount you’re billed in your currency may vary from month to month or annually. We bill in US Dollars, and that amount may change due to fluctuating currency rates and currency conversion fees.