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Cleeng, a funny-sounding name, is a company based in the Netherlands. New Thought Channel has partnered with them to manage its video eCommerce activities. A reputable expert in this field, Cleeng simplifies your access to New Thought Channel. When you first purchase your subscription, your Cleeng account is automatically created.

Note: Cleeng does not own any content rights on New Thought Channel.

If you wish, you can log in to your Cleeng account here: Use the same email and password you use to log into New Thought Channel. Once you are logged in, you will see the details of your account. The second tab, titled “Subscription,” shows a full list of all your active subscriptions.

Just so you know, the account details listed on the Cleeng site match the details you see in My Account (upper right corner) when you are logged into New Thought Channel. This is our belt-and-suspenders approach to keeping you in the loop about your account information.