New Thought Channel

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Welcome to NTC-TV! We’re a streaming TV channel (like Netflix, but for New Thought/Spiritual But Not Religious/Positive Programming). Our goal is to help take New Thought mainstream in ways that permanently share the power of these principles while strengthening and growing our centers, and we would like to invite you to join in on our adventure!

We believe that we can only be as strong as the people that support us, so we have begun sending 10% of our monthly revenue to those that are helping us grow! If you’re talking about NTC-TV in your spiritual center, you are directly sending us subscribers, and you could be receiving tithes for spreading the word about us. Easy, right?

For each ANNUAL subscription a community member buys (for themselves or as a gift) we give you 10%. Subscriptions are $39.99/year. Share the good news about New Thought Channel and you get $4 per person that subscribes! This is a great way to encourage subscriptions as a fundraiser!

When people subscribe, they get a “welcome” email from us. All they need to do is forward that confirmation email to and say they are with you. We donate 10% of new annual subscriptions back to you, and for every year they renew! Payouts come every month when your revenue reaches at least $10. Once you hit the magic $10 threshold, we send you a check, or donate via PayPal or your website, (or keep per your instructions), as you direct us! If they subscribe through Roku or directly through an “app” on their tablet or phone, just have them send us an email saying they heard about the channel from your community and give us their email address so we can confirm in our backend!

Thanks for being you. We are grateful you are here, and for all the ways you show up so magnificently as a living, leading example of principle at work in your life and the world!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 720-281-0570 or email us at if you have any questions.